July 28, 2012

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Saland kicks off campaign, undaunted by primary challenge

Saland, left, chats with Dutchess County
Legislature Chairman Robert Rolison

WAPPINGER – "It's going to be about jobs, taxes, dealing with cutting back with state spending," said State Senator Stephen Saland as he opened his campaign headquarters on Route 9 in the Town of Wappinger Friday.  The veteran lawmaker, who spent a decade in the Assembly before being elected to the Senate in 1990, was joined by many supporters who put up with no air-conditioning and only half the lights working, because of Thursday's thunderstorms.

Republicans hold the Senate, while Democrats control the Assembly and the governor's office.  Saland said there is a sense of bipartisanship in Albany.

"We've taken the 'dys' out of dysfunctional," he said.

He has, on occasion, broken ranks with fellow Republicans, notably last year's vote on gay marriage.  He voted for it, in what turned out to be a pivotal vote.

"Were I to deal with the issue again, I would certainly continue to vote in favor,” Saland said.

One thing different this year ... Saland has a primary challenger, Town of Southeast resident Neil DiCarlo,  who accuses Saland of "rubber stamping job-killing progressive laws.”

"I've never experienced a primary.  I don't intend to do anything any differently.  I will run; I will run hard."

 The primary is September 13, a Thursday.  

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