July 20, 2012

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Gibson not yet ready to support hydrofracking


WASHINGTON – New York Congressman Christopher Gibson (R-20) is reserving judgment on proposed regulations for hydrofracking to mine for natural gas in shale formations.

There is much ongoing debate about fracking in the Marcellus Shale formation in the Catskills and Southern Tier of New York.  Gibson said he cannot consider supporting the practice until he knows there is a regulatory process in place to protect water and the air.

“Let’s make sure we have a good process in place to deal with wastewater, that insures that we have disclosure for chemicals and certainly has competitive process to insure that the greener and approach, the more competitive it is in any kind of bidding,” Gibson said. “So, in terms of readiness to move forward I think we have to show patience until such time as we are comfortable that we have a process in place that will insure the safeguarding of our water and our air.”

The Kinderhook resident said many municipal officials have also expressed concern that the fracking process could negatively impact the viewsheds in their communities.


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