February 14, 2012

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Donaldson states Democratic Caucus Golden Hill LDC membership guidelines

KINGSTON – As members of the Ulster County Legislature stand ready to appoint their representatives to the Golden Hill Local Development Corporation Board, Minority Leader David Donaldson has made his own suggestions as to eligibility.

Anyone that is affiliated with any hospital has a potential conflict if placed on the LDC board, Donaldson wrote in a letter to all lawmakers sent by email.

As an example, he said that Ellenville Regional Hospital President Steven Kelley and County Industrial Development Agency President David O’Halloran should be disqualified as candidates, Donaldson said. Any member of the IDA should not be on the board as they may be involved in both the sale and possible financing which he said may create a conflict.

Donaldson, a Democrat said he also agrees with Health Committee Chairman Robert Aiello, a Republican, that anyone who is a licensed real estate agent should be excluded for consideration because they could use their position to help steer a sale of the property.

Republican Legislature Chairwoman Terry Bernardo, though, said the county has “highly qualified resumes from across the county” including experts in finance, healthcare and human services. “While Legislator Donaldson plays politics, we will be working to ensure qualified people sit on the LDC,” she said.

Bernardo said the legislature will review all resumes and make a collective decision. “I care about a fair, non-politicized process which allows everyone who is interested to be considered fairly.”

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