December 26, 2012

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DEP to remove fallen and damaged trees around Kensico Reservoir

NEW YORK – The New York City Department of Environmental Protection plans to remove trees that fell or suffered damage around the Kensico Reservoir during Hurricane Sandy. The forest management project will also remove standing trees that pose a threat to public safety because they are too close to highways and power lines.            

The work will begin this winter on some 45 acres of city-owned land in the towns of Mount Pleasant and North Castle. After the trees are removed, DEP will replace them with a mix of native evergreens, hardwood trees and shrubs that will diversify the forest and help it withstand extreme storms in the future.

The forest management project will focus on four areas located off Nannyhagen Road, Route 120, and West Lake Drive. High winds and rain during Hurricane Sandy toppled or damaged as much as 90 percent of the trees in some of those areas. Many of the trees left standing are now more prone to wind damage and the weakening of their roots by groundwater, which can also cause them to fall, DEP said.

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