August 3, 2012

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Columbia County area cleans up after massive TCI Industries fire

Smoke continued to billow from the remains
Thursday afternoon (Photo: Lance Wheeler)

GHENT – The fire that broke out Wednesday night and destroyed the expansive TCI Industries’ facility that dismantles transformers in Ghent, is finally out.

The plant was closed and no one was on the premises. The flames continued into Thursday and thick black smoke continued to billow into the sky sending soot across a wide area.

Dr. Gus Birkhead, a medical doctor with the state Health Department, was on the scene on Thursday.

“There was a concern because of all of the chemicals involved, but the testing that has been done showed no PCBs left the site; they probably burned up in the fire,” Birkhead said. “The immediate concerns with any fire are the air quality, and obviously if you are smelling smoke or exposed to smoke, you should move out of that area and instructions were given for people to stay indoors, close their windows, and turn off air conditioning.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. There were no injuries. In a prepared statement, the company said it is “fully cooperating with the various agencies involved in the fire investigation and clean up efforts.” The company said it is “in full compliance with all regulations.”

The company, which employs 20 full and part-time workers who remain on payroll, plans to rebuild and continue business operations without interruption.


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