April 13, 2012

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Inauguration day for SUNY New Paltz president

Christian (file)

NEW PALTZ – Dr. Donald Christian, who has served as the SUNY New Paltz acting president until he was named president last year, will be formally inaugurated today.

The college was not immune to the rough economic times of the recession, but Christian said the school made it through the budget process well by making hard decisions.

Now, New Paltz is steering toward new challenges.

“We are trying to focus our efforts on becoming more efficient economically, keeping focus on top priorities,” Christian said. “We are in a position now whereas this year when we receive new tuition revenue, we are able to invest that in our highest priorities to move ahead, rather than to try to fill holes that we have already taken care of.”

Those top priorities revolve around the educational opportunities of those enrolled at the college, he said.


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