October 17, 2011

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Occupy Wall Street movement comes to New Paltz

Crowd gathers in New Paltz

NEW PALTZ – The Occupy Wall Street movement brought its message to New Paltz on Saturday as a large group of area residents picketed in front of a Chase Manhattan Bank branch.

“We want corporate and all forms of moneyed influence out of our government and out of our private lives,” said Billiam van Roestenberg, one of the organizers of the rally. “Corporations are not people – they have no dignity, no shame, no conscience and no reason to act in a responsible manner, nor are they held accountable by our laws. Their charter is simply to make as much money as possible.” He charged that elected officials “have been bought by these special interests and have failed to represent us, nor do they protect our water, air or soil.”

Supporters of the movement carried signs and rallied in support of “putting people before profits.”

The Occupy Wall Street movement began in Manhattan, but has spread nationwide and around the world.

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