October 1-2, 2011

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Schumer calls for greater inspection of imported Chinese fish

Schumer feeds the fish (Lance Wheeler photo)

GREENPORT – Only one percent of all fish imported into the United States is inspected by the FDA and Senator Charles Schumer wants that upped to 50 percent.  Schumer toured Local Ocean Fishery in Greenport, Friday, and announced his push to crack down on imported fish from China that contain chemicals that have been banned in food in the US.

“It has become abundantly clear that fish and seafood from China can stink and it’s time the Food and Drug Administration stepped up their efforts to protect the public,” Schumer said. China’s “blatant disregard for basic safety standards has put Americans’ health at risk,” he said.

Schumer also said he is supporting the Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act, which directs the Commerce Department to strengthen federal activities for ensuring that commercially distributed seafood meets federal good quality and safety standards.”


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