March 26-27, 2011

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Legislators, law enforcement join forces to end human trafficking in Westchester

MOUNT KISCO – The newly formed Westchester County Anti-Trafficking Task Force, county legislators, police and first responders conferenced Friday to discuss ways to eliminate human trafficking in the county.

Legislature Majority Leader Peter Harkham said there were a number of purposes for the session in Mount Kisco.

“To recognize the warning signs of human trafficking, for law enforcement to begin to learn how to unravel the networks and to create a holistic approach for really what is an international problem with severe local implications,” he said.

Human trafficking can take the form of sexual servitude as well as men, women and children being enslaved in households.

The Anti-Trafficking Task Force also released its anti-trafficking resource directory to serve as a tool for service providers, law enforcement agencies, attorneys and survivors.


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