March 4, 2011

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Newburgh PD, Orange Sheriff team up for joint patrols

NEWBURGH – Armed with state Operation IMPACT funding, the Newburgh City Police Department and Orange County Sheriff’s Office are launching joint patrols through June.  This is the third year of the joint crime fighting effort, but the first year the state grant will pay for it.

Sheriff’s Chief Investigator Gregory Gaetano said the joint patrols create an enhanced effort that concentrates on quality of life issues.

“By crime statistic analysis, we can see a reduced number of criminal activities in the city when our officers are working on these joint patrols,” he said.

Police Chief Michael Ferrara said teaming up with other agencies is a major aid.

“To insure public safety during this time, we are regularly reminded how dangerous it is to be a police officer and the fact becomes even truer as our manpower becomes further depleted, and the assistance from the sheriff’s office and the funding from DCJS allows us to continue to more effectively patrol the streets of Newburgh and at the same time, focus on our most important role of insuring public safety,” he said.

 The city has also had support from the FBI and other federal law enforcement as well as the State Police and its specialized units.

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