January 21, 2011

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Bridge conditions

At 7 a.m. - Good Morning. As motorists get use to driving in snow, their confidence increases and we have a tendency to not be quite as cautious. This is obviously not good.

Conditions across the region are slick, plows and sanders are active and the snow continues to fall. Traffic is moderate.

The National Weather Service forecast is for the snow to continue through the morning commute and end later this morning.

Bridge Crews have been working throughout the evening and will continue until the snow ends and all ramps and bridges are clear.

Bear Mountain Bridge: the bridge is mostly clear but steady snow continues to fall.

Newburgh-Beacon Bridge: 35MPH Speed Restriction in force. Snow continues to fall and the bridge is slick in spots. Extra caution is advised when entering the toll plaza and multiple vehicles are busy removing snow.

Mid-Hudson Bridge: the bridge is in good condition but motorists should exhibit extra caution on ramps and the curves entering the bridge.

Kingston-Rhinebeck Bridge: traffic is moving well as plows continue to remove snow from the bridge.

Rip Van Winkle Bridge: the bridge is clear and traffic is moving well. Light snow continues to fall.



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