April 7, 2011

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Operation High-Tech nets 36 drug arrests

NEW CITY – A total of 36 people are under arrest on a variety of drug charges in Rockland County in the latest operation dubbed “High-Tech.”

District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said 34 people were arrested in Stony Point and Haverstraw following an eight month investigation. Two of the indicted individuals are being sought.

Of those arrested, 22, ranging in age from 21 to 59, were taken into custody during pre-dawn raids early Wednesday. They are charged with selling crack and powdered cocaine and Oxycodone to undercover police officers on dozens of occasions since last September.

Fourteen other individuals were arrested during the course of a large scale undercover narcotics probe.

The investigation began in July 2010 when the Rockland County Drug Task Force received intelligence from the Town of Haverstraw Street Crime Unit that a network of drug dealers was engaged in operations in Haverstraw and Stony Point.

Zugibe said of those arrested, Richard Echevarria, 43, of West Haverstraw, was the primary local source of illegal narcotics, linking Rockland County to large-scale New York City supplier Eduardo Reynoso, 45.

Echevarria was charged with felony criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree and criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds. Each crime is punishable by up to nine years in prison. He was also charged with conspiracy and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Also arrested on drug-related charges are:

  • Edward Soto, also known as Pollo, 36, of West Haverstraw;
  • Damian Cintron, 30, of Haverstraw;
  • Claribel Santana, 28, of Haverstraw;
  • Kyera Karlau, 30, of Pomona;
  • Matthew Geoghegan, 45, of Pomona;
  • Eric Lopez, 43, of Garnerville;
  • Wilfredo Torres, 48, of Garnerville;
  • Floyd Eurie, also known as Bruno, 49, of Haverstraw;
  • Alexis Kastner, also known as Lex, 27, of Haverstraw;
  • Robert Messina, 42, of Stony Point;
  • Thomas Reilly, 24, of New City;
  • Curtis Leonard, 52, of Haverstraw;
  • Robert Mondesir, also known as Sheik, 24, of Spring Valley;
  • Ian Thomas, 21, of Pomona;
  • Allan Bialek, 53, of Spring Valley;
  • Nicholas Alvarez, 21, of Washingtonville;
  • Charles Vaughn, 40, of Garnerville;
  • Juan Hernandez, 28, of Haverstraw;
  • Michael Day, 28, of Tompkins Cove;
  • Michael McDermott, 48, of Milford, PA;
  • Jose Aguilar, also known as Pepe, 44, of Bloomingdale, NJ;
  • Gerrado Flores-Gomez, also known as Gerry, 36, of New Hempstead;
  • Josue Cintron, 40, of West Haverstraw;
  • Luis Cordero, 40, of Campbell Hall;
  • Omar Sotolongo, 42, of Englewood, NJ;
  • Alejandro Perez, 35, of Haverstraw;
  • Cheryl Juhans, 59, of Teaneck, NJ;
  • Maria Paige, 50, of Suffern;
  • Gerald Haskins, 49, of Patterson, NJ;
  • Theresa Haskins, 49, of Patterson, NJ;
  • Gordon Patterson, 51, of Salisbury, North Carolina;
  • David Diaz, 28, of Haverstraw.

Zugibe said 26 of the alleged drug buys took place at Noel’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Stony Point; Westbrook’s in West Haverstraw, and Jack Kelly’s Restaurant in West Haverstraw. Other alleged buys occurred within 1,000 feet of schools in the North Rockland area.


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