September 266, 2010


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Drive to collect tactical gear for Marines comes to the Valley

Lewis shows photos of packages sent to soldiers in past drives

CHESTER – The effort to collect money to send Christmas stockings filled with tactical gear to Marines and sailors in Afghanistan in the upcoming holiday season came to Orange County Sunday.

Hundreds participated in a fund drive at CW’s pub in Chester Sunday to support the international organization “America 4R Marines”, which hopes to raise $400,000 to fill 5,000 stockings with all kinds of tactical gear, said founder and organizer Patty Lewis of Willow Grove, PA.

“Headlamp, which is like a flashlight on a headband, and that’s one of their all-time favorites,” she said. “We put in there weapon wipes that the sand doesn’t stick to the weapons when they clean their weapons, brushes to clean their weapons with, and then we throw in some holiday candy, too, a hand-held game.”

The packages provide a “huge lift” to the morale of the American service members in Afghanistan, said Lewis.

Among those who were at the fundraiser where Sgt. Eddie Ryan and his parents, Chris and Angie. Ryan was severely wounded while in Iraq and he continues his miraculous recovery from a head wound. He said he was there to support the men and women serving in Afghanistan.

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