September 19, 2010


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Cloud Nine and Pets Alive complete another canine rescue

MONTGOMERY – Ted Dupuis is Founder, president and pilot of his twin-engine aircraft flying for Cloud Nine Rescue Flights, a non-profit agency that rescues dogs and brings them to no-kill animal shelters for adoption.

Sunday Dupuis flew into Orange County Airport in Montgomery where the local Pets Alive agency took possession of 10 dogs.

Keri Kelly of Pets Alive said the dogs were set to be put to death at a North Carolina kill center.

“Each one of them was scheduled to be euthanized as a gassing center where they use a gas chamber as their method of euthanasia,” she said.

Dupuis had made at least four rescue delivery missions to Orange County.

Cloud Nine has two planes and three pilots, bringing dogs from the Southeast to the Northeast,” he said. They have flown dogs for rescue from Mexico, California, Canada and Main.

Kelly said just days ago, Pets Alive was contacted about taking several mistreated dogs from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico where the dogs are beaten and killed for sport.


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