September 4-5, 2010

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Adopted pit bull not settling for bum rap

Bob, Maryellen and new family member Maggie Chanda

HOWELLS – Bob and Maryellen Chanda came from Plainfield, New Jersey to find a new member of the family, at Pets Alive, a few miles outside Middletown.

Bob is a long-time member of the Pets Alive Board of Directors and was at the facility, with their new four-year-old pit bull, for a special event Friday – dedication of a new complex for dogs.

With all of the dogs available at Pets Alive, why a pit bull, or as they are more properly known, ‘American Staffordshire Terrier’? Maryellen Chanda answered that question.

“This is our third one.  They are my favorite breed.”

“Pit bulls are among the most people-loving animals on the face of the earth,” said Bob Chanda. 

“The only ones that hurt people, today, are the ones that are trained, and I would say usually drug dealers, and what.  They are trained to be aggressive.  Train, train, train.  Their aggression is part of the personality, no question.  Aggression to people is not part of the personality.”

Despite needing $4,000 in surgery to correct rear joint issues, the Chandas finalized their adoption of Maggie, Friday. 


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