November 6-7, 2010

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Air Force celebrates completion of first refurbished C-5

STEWART AIR BASE – In celebration of the record-setting refurbishment and reconditioning accomplished on the first production model C-5M “Super Galaxy” by the Air Force’s Total Force team at Stewart Air National Guard Base, Air Mobility Commander General Raymond Johns spoke with pride as he delivered keynote remarks at the prototype’s official rollout ceremony held Friday afternoon at Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh.

Gen. Johnstone, podium, speaks at the rollout of "Spirit of Old Glory", the first production model of the 'Super Galaxy'

According to General Johns, their total force team consists of active duty, Air Force Reserves, and Air National Guard personnel working alongside civilian contractors and industry partners. He explained that the airmen at Stewart ANGB took on the job of interior refurbishment from the cockpit to cargo hold and coordinated all of the efforts that it took to complete the project in less than 30 days.

He said that the C-5M models are older C-5A and C-5B models in which the Air Force had upgraded with more sophisticated engine systems.

“Along the way, we kind of lost our pride in the aircraft so what Stewart did, in bringing this whole family together, is give us a way for our maintainers and aviators to really sing out with great pride as to how this aircraft will perform and look.”

Wing Commander for the 105th Airlift Wing Brigadier General Verle Johnston said that the C-5M model is much more reliable, efficient, and economical for the military to own and this specific aircraft named “Spirit of Old Glory” will serve as a model, both interior and exterior, for all other C-5 refurbishment projects across the nation.


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