October 3, 2010

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Hall fell to “anti-Democrat incumbency” fervor, congressman says

Hayworth takes over the 19th CD seat from Hall in January

DOVER PLAINS – Congressman John Hall, who lost Tuesday to Republican Nan Hayworth in the 19th District election, was a casualty of the anti-Democrat incumbency feeling that spread across the nation, he told on Wednesday.

Hall, who served two terms in the House, said he will spend more time with his family, ski and write and play a little more music. He was a member of the pop music group Orleans.

The Democratic lawmaker believes a court decision that allows foreign companies to anonymously contribute to political campaigns led to his demise and that of others in Congress.

“It basically turned our democracy into a highest bidder; it’s like the eBay of politics now,” he said. “Basically you can buy, if you had millions at your disposal, a corporation can buy the congress they want and that’s what just happened.”

Hall also expressed concern that the new Republican-led House doesn’t toss the healthcare law, which he said would be a mistake.

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