March 1, 2010

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Scenic Hudson critical of proposed state parks and historic site cuts

POUGHKEEPSIE – The director of public policy for environmental organization Scenic Hudson is floored by the proposed closures of parks and historic facilities as part of the state’s budget balancing.

“Disproportionate,” is how Andrew Bicking described the cuts, which include shutting down Washington’s Headquarters in Newburgh and the Senate House in Kingston.

“It is particularly ironic because we are anticipating an additional 1.9 million visitors to the state parks in the coming year due to the staycation phenomenon,” he said. “So, just as New Yorkers need places to go close to home, we are seeing parks and environmental programs under attack.”

Even the Walkway Over the Hudson, which has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors since it opened last October, is on the hit list to be closed during the winter months and the Purple Heart Hall of Honor would be closed two days per week.

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