July 29, 2010

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The right money, all the wrong places, was the message from Community Voices Heard in Newburgh

NEWBURGH – The most hardcore inner city part of Newburgh was one of the stops on a day-long bus tour organized by Community Voices Heard, a low-income activist organization based in New York City, but with chapters in the Hudson Valley, including Newburgh.

CVH activist Loretta Manning, right, with Deborah Ford, who moved
up from New York City and is helping to renovate some inner
city residential units

CVH leader Brenda McPhail says federal stimulus money
should be spent training city residents to fix up abandoned
buildings and broken sidewalks

Brenda McPhail, a Newburgh CVH organizer, said the point they emphasized to the visitors, and the two city officials who attended, was good money – the federal stimulus money - is not being spent the right way.

That was a point she made repeatedly as she pointed to abandoned residential buildings and crumbling sidewalks, just in the same block of the Newburgh CVH office on Lander Street.

“If you just train people in these particular areas, those are jobs for them right there,” said McPhail.

Edward Lynch is Newburgh’s new development director.

“A lot of legitimate points were made”, he said.  “The city will obviously be working with its residents in trying to address these concerns.”

McPhail, noting that no city council members attended the tour, hopes that happens.

“What the city officials need to do is just get together, with some of the city residents like myself and other people who are really concerned about this.  Just get it together and let us come together and brainstorm what we can do.”

There are many people who have confidence in Newburgh getting on the right track.  Deborah Ford and her family left New York City for Newburgh.

“It was overcrowded.  It was so crowded down there, and I have two small children, so we wanted to move further up, for the kids.  They are doing much better up here.”

The Fords acquired a property on Lander Street and are renovating it, not only for her family, but for a few others.


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