July 26, 2010

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Newburgh can expect layoffs in 2011, says city official

NEWBURGH – Even though the City of Newburgh will now be able to cover its $10 million to $12 million deficit for the remainder of this year thanks to state legislation, it will still have to do significant belt tightening for 2011.

In fact, Acting City Manager Richard Herbek said while there were cutbacks and layoffs in the 2010 budget, there are going to be more of the same for next year.

“I don’t think that there is any way around layoffs,” he said. “The city council has approved a retirement incentive program that was done by local law at the last city council meeting. We do know that there will be a number of employees that will probably want to take advantage of that. We will have to evaluate how many of those employees take advantage of the retirement incentive program and that will have to be factored in to where we are heading as far as further cutbacks are concerned.”

The 30 some odd eligible city workers will have through the end of September to make a decision as to whether they will take the retirement incentive and then leave city employment by the end of that month.


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