July 22, 2010

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Ball to create Tea Party ballot line in Senate bid

CARMEL – Assemblyman Gregory Ball, who will face fellow Republican Mary Beth Murphy in a primary for the State Senate’s 40th District seat, is going to form a Tea Party line in the November election.

He would need 3,000 valid signatures to create the line.

“Hudson Valley taxpayers are ready for a tax revolt and revolution from within," Ball said. "That revolution will happen this fall as our Silent Majority comes to life and is silent no more. This Congress and our arrogant legislature in Albany are both run by elitists and the people are fed up. My top priority in the Senate will be to cap property taxes, freeze school taxes for seniors and pass term limits."

He said his new ballot line will “represent the will of the people.”

Ball also plans to hold his own People’s Convention on Saturday.

“I’ve never been the candidate of the good ol’ boys in Albany, and my grassroots message of reform and limited government is a threat to the power brokers in the cesspool that is Albany,” he said.

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