January 26, 2010

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Strong winds knock down more of Bannerman’s Castle

(file photo)

BEACON – Monday's strong winds took their toll on Bannerman’s Castle, which saw more of its walls collapse.

The west wall of the tower remains, the Over and Under the Arches Stairs, the #2 and #3, the lodge and house are still standing.

Just weeks ago, a large portion of the castle wall collapsed.

Bannerman’s Trust Director Neil Caplan said more may come down as the winter weather takes its toll on the structure, which was constructed in the late 1800s.

“It’s a shame that we lose this iconic piece of Americana and it’s known throughout the world, but because of that, it’s worth putting it back,” Caplan said, Monday.

The Trust has been trying to secure funding to preserve the remains of that structure and just recently, Senator Charles Schumer came to Fishkill to announce he would advocate for funding.

Caplan told MidHudsonNews.com on Monday that if more of the structure comes down and they can secure appropriate funding, he would not be averse to building a replica of the building.     


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