February 22, 2010

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Kingston tug crew pulls bridge jumper from Hudson

Mid-Hudson Bridge (file), linking
Poughkeepsie to Highland

POUGHKEEPSIE – The crew of the Kingston-based tug Cornell plucked a woman from the Hudson River after she jumped off the Mid-Hudson Bridge Sunday afternoon.

The tug was returning from a job in Newburgh and heading back to Kingston when crew members spotted a woman in the icy waters, tug master Matt Perricone told

Initially crew members thought the woman, in her early 30s, was dead, until she raised a hand. They threw a line to her and she was able to grab on. She was calling for help, said Perricone, who said when they pulled her out of the 36-degree water, she was covered with a layer of ice.

Fire and EMT personnel were able to tend to her once she was in the tug.

Her condition was not known as of late Sunday.


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