February 18, 2010

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Government officials tout anniversary of stimulus bill

WASHINGTON – Public officials on the federal and state level spent Wednesday saying how the stimulus package has done so much to help jump start the economy. This is the anniversary of the implementation of the bill.

Congressman John Hall (D-Dover) teamed up with USDA Secretary Tom Vislack on a conference call to tout the program.

Vislack said over 100 million families and businesses have benefitted from the stimulus program.

“Within USDA, we know that 38 million Americans, including 2½ million New Yorkers, are receiving food assistance and received an additional benefit from the recovery act,” he said. “On average a family of four received about $80 per month more in assistance under the SNAP (federal food stamp) program.”

Hall said the stimulus money helped preserve jobs in New York. “The state was so strapped, is still actually so strapped, that were it not for recovery dollars, we would have lost police jobs and teaching jobs and all kinds of positions that are necessary.”

He said the money also aided the agriculture industry, which is so important in the Mid-Hudson region.


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