February 3, 2010

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Call for constitutional convention comes to the Valley

NEW PALTZ – Two state Assembly leaders and members of the Proportional Representation Party were in New Paltz Tuesday night meeting with local residents in an effort to muster more support for a statewide referendum on a constitutional convention this November. The next one is scheduled for 2017, but with state legislation, the voters could have a ballot referendum this fall.

Among those speaking were Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a Democrat  and Republican Minority Leader Brian Kolb.   

Kolb has been traveling the state lobbying for the constitutional convention.

“I think this is an important opportunity for people at home, average citizens across our state, who believe that state government has lost its way; an opportunity to see if we can, in a non-partisan fashion, try to create some positive change in New York State government,” he said.

Should voters approve holding a constitutional convention, delegates would be chosen by circulating petitions.


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