August 6, 2010

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Putnam to join MTA payroll tax lawsuit

CARMEL – Putnam County Legislature Chairman Vincent Tamagna said he has instructed the county’s law department to join Nassau County in its lawsuit against the state for imposing the payroll tax last year to help bail out the New York City MTA.

Tamagna said enough is enough; let the issue be resolved in the courts.

 “We need to stand up with a loud voice. The taxpayers cannot afford this kind of waste in government in that it is our intent to bring this through a court system, that to tax people who do not use the service and are outside the area to create the climate of making our business community non-competitive, to tax our non-profits, our schools, the triplication of this MTA tax is just outrageous,” he said, Thursday.

Wednesday, the Orange County towns of Chester, Deerpark and Monroe also voted to join the Nassau County payroll tax court suit.


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