October 30, 2009

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Archbishop Dolan graces MSMC 50th anniversary

Archbishop Dolan talks with Mount students

NEWBURGH – New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan visited Mount Saint Mary College Thursday where he was a special guest at a 50th anniversary celebration convocation honoring the Dominican Sisters who founded the school.

During the ceremony, Archbishop Dolan was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from the Mount for his leadership in the Roman Catholic Church and his contributions to education.

The Archbishop was all smiles as he arrived on campus and was introduced to students and faculty members.

Receiving the honors was “especially appreciated” and during his remarks at the ceremony gave MSMC a “special praise” to celebrate “a golden legacy of learning for its sterling service of the truth,” he said.

“Congratulations Dominican Sisters and happy anniversary Mount St. Mary College from this, your most recent alumnus.”

The archbishop had kind words for the order. “Dominican women and men have served the truth in the demanding intellectual apostolate,” he said.  “The church and the world and this Mid-Hudson Valley is all in their debt.”

Archbishop Dolan said he loves the Hudson Valley. “Coming up here to Mount Saint Mary College to be with these dedicated Sisters, promising students, and stellar faculty… What more could you ask for?” Dolan has visited Newburgh a few times now and to him it’s a “very special city.”

“He’s a good person and he cares a lot about this community,” said Mayor Nicholas Valentine said of the Archbishop. “To have him here puts a face to that commitment.”


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