October 27, 2009

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Orange County opens new solid waste transfer station

Janeway, at podium, with county officials

NEW HAMPTON – A new $5.6 million dollar Orange County solid waste transfer station was opened on Monday and the county managed to complete the project approximately $500,000 under budget and on time.  The use of recycled materials in the facility entitled the county to a state reimbursement of $84,000 and is expected to bring more “green” jobs into the county.

The transfer station incorporates a number of green technologies, said County Executive Edward Diana.

The fully enclosed facility that will incorporate a waste oil furnace for heating, translucent panels on the roof for light, water from a nearby lagoon for fire suppression and a white painted roof to reflect heat, he said.

Regional DEC Director William Janeway said the new facility translates into “a good day for green jobs and a good day for all that is green in the environment, clean water and open space.”

Noting the nation remains in a recession, he said it remains important to continue to protect clean water. “Facilities like this are critical toward doing that and investing in facilities like this helps up create green jobs and move the community forward,” Janeway said.


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