October 13, 2009

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Regional jail study continues

NEW PALTZ – Regionalization of county jails continues to be under the microscope as a study is underway.

State funding is covering the cost of a study by the Center for Research, Education and Outreach at SUNY New Paltz.

Josh Simmons of the center said the study is looking at possible collaborations between county jails in Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties.

“When we start talking about regional jailing, a misconception in regard to this project comes up that we are talking about regional jails. That, in this case, is not the case at all,” he said. “What we are looking to do is to set up networks of collaboration much like the sheriffs have right now regards to training. They have a monthly meeting where they meet and all of the sheriffs’ departments in the region train together.”

This study came about after a larger look at all counties in the Mid-Hudson and possible jail collaboration.


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