November 9, 2009

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Gay soldier, serving in Iraq, being discharged EXCLUSIVE!

MARLBORO – Nathanael Bodon of Marlboro is a specialist in the Army Reserve stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. He has been in the reserves for about a year-and-a-half and in Iraq for some four months.

He is being discharged from the Army because he is gay and his superiors found out and they are exercising the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy”.  

Bodon, on duty, in Iraq

Army spokesman George Wright couldn’t comment on Bodon’s case, but he did talk about the policy.

“It requires the Army separate soldiers who engage in homosexual acts or if they state they are homosexual or bisexual, or if they marry or attempt to marry a person of the same biological sex,” he said.

The Army found out about Bodon when a fellow soldier found his blog with a picture of him kissing a former boyfriend and tipped off the Army brass.

Bodon, speaking to in an exclusive interview from Iraq, is upset by the policy.

“I think it’s discriminatory and my personal life as far as my sexuality has no bearing on who I am as a soldier, so it shouldn’t even be an issue,” he said.

Congressman Maurice Hinchey of New York is opposed to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

“There’s got to be a change in the policy. This is something that maybe this particular event, this effect, might draw attention to this once again and cause some review of it and hopefully some positive change,” he said.

Bodon expects to be home from Iraq as a civilian again in the next month or two. He plans to return to school attending Dutchess Community College.

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