May 29, 2009

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Recycling tipping fees could increase in Orange County

GOSHEN – Tipping fees for recycling at Orange County’s transfer stations could flunctuate up or down.

They were set at $25 per ton early this year as a means of dissuading out-of-county haulers from bringing them to that county and dumping them for free.

Now that the demand for some recyclables is up, County Executive Edward Diana would like the ability to raise or lower the fees to respond to market conditions.

The County Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee has approved it, but without the support of its chairman Thomas Pahucki.

“If anybody’s going to set the tipping fees, it needs to be the legislature, and I’m very uncomfortable with just giving discretionary latitude to somebody down there in DPW or Environmental Facilities,” he said. “It is incumbent upon us as lawmakers to set those fees.”

The full county legislature will vote on the proposal at its next session in early June.

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