May 29, 2009

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Historic barn, equipment lost in fire will be expensive to replace

Little was left of the barn

EAST FISHKILL – The century-old barn and equipment lost in a devastating fire at Fishkill Farms in East Fishkill last week was worth between a few hundreds of thousands of dollars and a million dollars, a farm spokeswoman said Thursday.

The farm is owned by Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. Farm spokeswoman Hannah Geller said Thursday the company is undecided if it will rebuild the large building. “We may put up a temporary structure to house our equipment,” she said.

Despite the fire, which took the better part of a day and evening to extinguish, Fishkill Farms’ crops and animals are “still healthy” and farm operators plan to reopen the farm market and pick-your-own as planned on Saturday, June 13.

The biggest charge underway at the farm is its transition to organic. “We’ve eliminated all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and instead use natural alternatives such as crop rotation and compost to fortify the soil,” Geller said.

Also new to the farm are a flock of lambs and a remodeled farm store.

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