May 5, 2009

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Hinchey, Hall tell business people stimulus package should turn economy around

NEW WINDSOR – Hudson Valley House Members Maurice Hinchey and John Hall Monday told Orange County business people they believe the federal stimulus package will work and do what it is intended to do – jumpstart the economy.

The men addressed the Orange County Chamber of Commerce in New Windsor.

Hinchey said the program will be good for the business community.

“This measure is designed to unlock lending and investment for small businesses, also to steer tax relief to entrepreneurs and to put small firms back to work rebuilding our nation’s ailing infrastructure,” he said.

Hall said both President Obama’s stimulus package and former President Bush’s bailout had the same goals.

“All of it, coming from two different administrations, was intended and is intended to keep the recession from turning into a depression,” he said.

Chamber President John D’Ambrosio would like to know when the rubber will meet the road.

“It’s great for these folks to talk about what they’ve talked about, but the bottom line is when it is going to get to our business people so that it can make a difference?”

D’Ambrosio is taking an optimistic attitude, believing the economy will rebound sooner rather than later.


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