May 2-3, 2009

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MSMC dedicates new Math, Science, Tech Center

NEWBURGH – It may have been raining when Mount Saint Mary College dedicated its new Math, Science and Technology Center in honor of the William Kaplan family on Friday, but the sun was shining on the event.

The Kaplan family donated $5 million to help plan and build the college’s Mathematics, Science & Technology Center and the complementary Nursing Learning Resource Center.

The Mathematics, Science & Technology Center, or MST, features state-of-the-art nursing laboratories, advanced science and technology classrooms and labs, “smart” classrooms, lecture halls and a large glass atrium. The Kaplan family donation was nearly a fifth of the overall cost of building the MST Center.

William Kaplan stressed the need for math and science education nationally. “What I am particularly very happy about, and the reason the foundation supported this Math and Science center, is this country needs math and science students, teachers, educators, scientists, and this really puts the Mount quite ahead of all the others,” he said.

Fr. Mackin

Words adorning the new building

Mount President Father Kevin Mackin was particularly grateful for the contributions that the Kaplan family has made to the college and to the Newburgh area.

“The Kaplan name is in so many different places around the area, not only here at the Mount but in Newburgh, and we are really grateful to the Kaplan family, and Mr. Kaplan in particular, believes in Newburgh, and that’s what we like about him,” said Mackin.

Kaplan was given an honorary lab coat from Mount math, science, technology and nursing students, embroidered with the words “Dr. William Kaplan,” as well as the original artist’s rendering of the building as a token of the student’s appreciation.

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