March 28-29, 2009

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Berkman calls for more transparency in capital committee; Diana calls that “cheap theatrics”

GOSHEN – Orange County Legislature Democratic Caucus Leader Jeffrey Berkman has called for more open and transparent government in the county and said the capital projects advisory committee is one example of what is lacking.

Berkman said the committee meetings should be posted on the legislature calendar, all such meetings should be recorded and filed, and all committee votes should take place in a recorded meeting, not by telephone.

“The impetus behind this is largely to underscore our caucus’ commitment to open and transparent government,” he said.

But, County Executive Edward Diana, a Republican, Friday shot back saying if Berkman is unable to get the information he requires on projects via the normal legislative process, “he needs to address the policies of the Legislature.”

Regarding Berkman’s open meetings concerns, Diana said the meetings are open and any use of the telephone in the past “was for the convenience of his colleagues.”     

Diana called Berkman’s comments “cheap theatrics and political posturing.”


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