June 16, 2009

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New SUNY chancellor visits New Paltz campus

Dr. Zimpher

NEW PALTZ – Dr. Nancy Zimpher became the chancellor of the State University of New York earlier this month, and during her first visit to SUNY New Paltz, she said she wants the campus to remain a driving force in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

“I see SUNY New Paltz as a partner in the community – but the region is also important,” she said.

 Zimpher visited one of the most popular campuses in the SUNY system and she found by talking to students and faculty how the quality of life in the community ranks high in connecting the campus to the village.

“I’ve heard the students talk about how the merchants and the people in the business district welcome them and I’ve heard the students say they’d like to stay in New Paltz to live and work and raise a family,” she said.   “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

With so much optimism, Zimpher said she wants all the SUNY campuses to have such a favorable impact on their communities.

“This is a case to start anew and do it with the 64 campuses,” she said. “I really want to get a foothold on the big ideas which will transform the economy and way of life as we know it in the State of New York.”

The campuses are all economic engines in their communities, and Zimpher said wants the individual institutions to continue to help grow revenues at home.

“I’d like to start with ideas, and I’d like to see what the State University of New York can put on the table that will really help this state prosper,” she said. “So the state will have the funds to back into the State University of New York. It’s a much more interesting discussion.”

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