June 13-14, 2009

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Orange Conservative endorsements announced

GOSHEN – The Orange County Conservative Party Executive Committee has endorsed a number of candidates for the fall elections.

For County Legislator endorsed were Melissa Bonacic- 2nd District, Mike Pillmeier-District 3, Kevin Barrett- District 4, Kate Bonnelli-District 5, Pat Berardinelli-District 6, Greg Townsend-District7, Daniel Castricone-District 8, L. Stephen Brescia-District 9, Bernard Winstanley- District 10, M. William Lahey- District 11, Kevin Hines- District 12, Dennis Simmons- District 13, Roxanne Donnery - District 14, K. James Dittbrenner- District 15, Leigh Benton-District 16, Anthony Marino- District 17, Dan Depew- District 18, Mike Paduch- District 19, Jeff Berkman-District 20 and Tom Pahucki- District 21.

In some other races George Green was endorsed for town supervisor in New Windsor; Wayne Booth for town supervisor, Town of Newburgh; Michael Hayes for town supervisor in Montgomery; and Kevin Quigley for town supervisor in Cornwall.

The party previous endorsed Orange County Executive Edward Diana, County Clerk Donna Benson and District Attorney Frank Phillips, all for reelection.

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