July 28, 2009

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Armor Dynamics gets big federal infusion for cutting-edge product

Hinchey, left, and Warren.  Armor Dynamics products are also used
in domestic and home security applications, including City of
Kingston police cars.

Armor Dynamics opened its Kingston Business Park facility in 1996

Kingston – A $2 million federal investment for Armor Dynamics to expand its laboratory and testing capabilities, was announced Monday at the Kingston headquarters of the company. 

Armor Dynamics is the developer of Magmacore Armor – a patented composite armor technology that is designed to improve human survivability. 

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) helped obtain the money, in order to assist the company in bringing its advanced reactive armor system to market.  The funds, which the full House is scheduled to approve later this week, will enable the company to add 5-10 new employees and pave the way for a significant workforce expansion based on future federal contract opportunities. 

Hinchey called it an investment not only in security and safety of men and women on the battlefront, but, also in stimulating further growth of the local economy.

“This has the potential to be very, very successful, and in the context of its success, to be very expansive.  And, in the context of its expansion, to hire more and more people, and to be a very substantial industrial operation, here, in this part of the Hudson Valley.”

CEO David Warren said the transition is well in motion. “We have actually started hiring already and are hopeful that by the end of the year, we are going to have 30 new manufacturing jobs here, in this facility, and by the first of the year, we’ll be producing composite armor for the industry.”

Warren said the hiring will cross all levels of skill, from forklift drivers, to two new hire now in San Diego to be trained on the new equipment, to funding a PhD program for a student at Alfred University.

The company will use the federal funds to develop a more sophisticated reactive armor system for U.S. military vehicles that would provide U.S. troops with unprecedented protection from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs), and other weapons and explosives.  The Magmacore Reactive Armor would be fitted for a variety of light weight military vehicles. 

The company's product will be lighter, stronger and less expensive than competitive armor systems. The Magmacore Reactive Armor system would provide superior levels of protection by using proprietary technologies, advanced composite and custom-configured ceramic materials. Additionally, the advanced armor systems can be easily modified as threats evolve, and can be adapted to specific combat and threat conditions in the field.

Armor Dynamics is located within the Kingston Business Park, which Hinchey helped establish in 1996 by securing $1.8 million in federal funds.  That investment has resulted in a variety of businesses staying in the business park or moving to it, including Armor Dynamics. 

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