December 19-20, 2009

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Westchester receives $4.5 million in stimulus funds for energy efficiency projects

WHITE PLAINS - Westchester County received $4.5 million in funding for energy conservation projects – including  more than $200,000 for free home energy audits – through the federal stimulus program.

The application promised to make $220,600 available to one, two and three-family Westchester homeowners to conduct home energy audits. The audits would not only help homeowners identify ways they can save on energy, but help create new jobs in emerging energy fields.

Nine people have already been trained to perform home energy audits as part of a “green jobs” training program developed by Westchester Community College for the Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board. The workers, in partnership with Robison Oil, were trained to perform home energy audits to recommend ways to save on energy costs.

The grant also included $375,000 to conduct energy and greenhouse gas audits of 50 county buildings. The audits are expected to recommend ways to save on energy costs in those buildings as well as give the county an accounting of its greenhouse gas production.

The audit will help the county to meet its climate change goals to reduce its carbon foot print by 20 percent by 2015 as recommended by the Global Warming Task Force appointed by Spano. County government has so far received about $100 million in federal stimulus funds for a variety of projects, some of which require county matching funds.

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