August 19, 2009

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Mother of three is Orange County’s fifth $1 million lottery winner this year

A thrilled Cheryl Brown, right, accepts a ceremonial check
from the Lottery's Yolanda Vega

NEWBURGH – When Cheryl Brown of Newburgh bought a scratch off New York State Lottery ticket at Broadway News in Newburgh on July 30, she began to scream as she scratched off the winning numbers while sitting in her car.

When she realized she had hit the jackpot -- $1 million in $50,000 annual payments, that’s $33,000 after taxes for 20 years, that she put her car in gear and almost ran into a pole.

She regained her composure, called her daughters, her mother in North Carolina and her boss at a local hotel, to tell them all she had won.

Brown said she still plans to work, but wants to put money away for her 20 and 18-year-old daughters to go to college, to save for her five-year-old daughter’s college fund, to buy a house and a car.

The other $1 million winners so far this year in Orange County were Edward Cruz of Circleville, Dolores Manella of Newburgh, Howard Gentile of Middletown, and Robert Whitby of Midletown.

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