April 25-26, 2009

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Dutchess Clerk office gets records computerization grant

POUGHKEEPSIE -- Dutchess County Clerk Brad Kendall has secured a grant award through ancestory.com that will scan and digitize naturalization records dating from 1932 – 1989. 

The records include the original petitions for naturalization, signed oaths of allegiance, the manner in which the individual came to the United States, as well as original photographs.  Roughly 20,000 individuals are represented in this project.   

“These records record the bravery and the determination of so many who left a world they knew to travel to America seeking a more prosperous life. It is essential that these records be preserved both for their historical purpose and for descendents doing genealogical research.”

Through the grant award naturalization records will be scanned, imaged, and then placed on the ancestory.com webpage.  Subscribers will then be able to access the information.  Ancestory.com will create an online index of the information.  A link to the information will be on the Dutchess County Clerk’s webpage. 

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