April 19, 2009

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Groups push for federal healthcare reform

Bolds: Advocate for a healthier America

POUGHKEEPSIE – A number of local groups rallied in Poughkeepsie Saturday for quality, affordable health care for all Americans. They came together in an effort to send a message to Congress.

Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley, Health Care for America Now and other groups held a “town hall for action” meeting at Beulah Baptist Church. It was one of over 100 such events held across the nation.

As a result of the current state of health care in our country, Health Care for America Now has assembled 10 key principle areas of reform to be sought after in 2009.

Legislative Director for Citizen Action of New York Jessica Wisneski said, “As Congress is putting together their plans and President Obama is leading health care reform we want to make sure they do it right.” And that means, “good benefits, affordability, and a choice of a public health insurance option.”

A system that would meet the principle standards laid out by HCAN would establish an inclusive to all public health insurance plan that allowed access to quality health care at affordable and regulated costs.

“We are here to advocate for a healthier America. Our children, our elderly, our persons of color are all affected by issues in health care,” said community advocate Denise Bolds. It is important for groups to unify with HCAN “to bring our voices to the legislature.”

During the event, Assemblyman Frank Skartados shared similar feelings toward the need for health care reform. “An affordable, accessible, quality health care is almost a civil rights issue.”

In addition to Assemblyman Skartados, President Barrack Obama and over 190 members of congress, Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Congressman John Hall included, support the principles laid out by HCAN for health care reform.

A decision is to be made in Washington by October and supporters of the HCAN movement for health care reform are urged to immediately contact your local legislature and visit

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